Unmatched Reliability.

What started as the world’s first chopper pump over 60 years ago has expanded into a wide range of pump systems and configurations that can withstand even the most severe conditions and materials. Each Vaughan pump combines precision engineering with heavy-duty patented components to get the job done.

Vaughan products provide unmatched reliability and clog-free pumping across numerous applications. The Chopper Pump and Triton® screw centrifugal pumps are ideal for agricultural, municipal, and industrial processing applications. The Vaughan Rotamix® System handles hydraulic mixing with ease. Sludge and grit are no match for the Vaughan Portable Conditioning Pump. And with numerous configurations and size options, as well as other specialty pumps, you can count on Vaughan products to meet the unique needs of your operation.

Durability and performance are critical in severe pumping environments – and Vaughan delivers on both.