Vaughan Company Scholarship Form

Vaughan Company $1,000 Minimum Scholarship


While Vaughan’s locally sourced and American-made chopper pumps keep projects moving, their benefits don’t stop there.

As a major local employer, we strive to strengthen our community. Our scholarship program supports graduates of the Elma and Montesano school districts who are planning to pursue a post-secondary degree or technical certificate in any field.




The applicant may be any Elma or Montesano School District graduate, regardless of graduation year, planning to pursue a post-secondary degree or vocational/technical certificate.

The applicant should be aware that our choice will not be limited to low income. Payment will be made directly to the school of your choice of enrollment.

Scholarship applications may be submitted online or by printing off the application and returning it, along with your transcripts and additional information by mail, in person or by email.





Mailing Address
Vaughan Co., Inc.
364 Monte Elma Rd.
Montesano, WA 98563




Personal Info
School Info
Name of college, university, vocational school, or trade school you plan to attend
Long Form Questions
Do you have any financial assistance available? How do you plan on financing your education?
What is your intended area of study and/or college major?
Please upload this year's official transcript. This is required to be considered for this scholarship.

Please upload your 1-page personal essay (PDF or DOCX format) in the field below. Your essay should include answers to the following:

  • What is your post high school education plan?
  • What activities and interests have you been involved in what will help you achieve your education and career goals?
  • Why do you believe you will be successful in achieving your educational goals?
  • How will you apply your skills gained upon completion of your degree?
  • Why do you believe you will be successful in your chosen career path?
  • How will your chosen career path allow you to give back to your community?
Please also include any extenuating circumstances that may assist the scholarship committee in making their decision

Please upload any letters of recommendation, condensed into a single file (PDF or DOCX format) here.
Please upload your resumé here (PDF or DOCX format). Please include academic honors, awards, memberships, extracurricular activities, clubs, work experience volunteer experience, hobbies, etc.
Certify and Submit
I hereby certify that the information given in the above statements are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
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